The X-press equipment for disruption of cells and tissue

The Biox X-press  is an excellent method for the release of components from organisms, either cells or tissue. The X-press consists of two identical cylinders fitted into an outer jacket, and kept in place by a threaded ring. The cylinders are separated by a perforated disk. Each cylinder contains a plunger: one forces material through the hole in the disk, and the other holds it in the pressure cell on the other side. After one pressing the pressure cell can be rapidly reversed for further pressings.

BIOX X-press is operated by subjecting it and its contents, precooled to -25°C, to 200 MPa in a hydraulic press. There is a change in ice crystal structure, and rapid contraction and expansion as the sample is forced through the small aperture in the disk.

Please find operating instructions here Operating instructions X-press

  1. Cylinder
  2. Body
  3. O-Ring
  4. Disk
  5. O-Ring
  6. Disk
  7. Cylinder ring
  8. Plunger
  9. Plunger
  10. material to be disintegrated
  11. Rod 

BIOX Hydraulic press is recommended for use with BIOX X-press.